Why We Give




Brad and Katie Hilger
Aiden (17) Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer, played youth football, youth baseball
Trey (15) Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer, youth baseball
Landon (13) Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer, played youth football, youth baseball
Vaughn (11) Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Football

We moved to Sartell in 2012 from Pittsburgh, PA, by route of Omaha, NE, but are native Minnesotans. Anyone that has moved with a family knows how hard it can be on kids and parents alike. The best thing youth sports provided for us was the ability to break into tight friend circles in established communities. It’s worth mentioning that it was not only a benefit for the kids but for mom and dad too. Some may not realize that local community sports programs are not something that is universal in all cities. In both Pittsburgh and Omaha, the boys participated in many youth sports but were in a large club environment that serviced multiple schools/neighborhoods/suburbs in the area. The boys would build close friendships with teammates only to go to school and still not see a single familiar face. It is a true blessing to have organized local youth sports groups in Sartell, and the Scheels Multiport Complex strengthens this community.

Donating to the Scheels Sports Complex was a “no-brainer” for us. This donation was for our boys and their friends, future athletes and their families, and our community. We are members of Sartell Youth and High School Hockey, Youth and High School Soccer, Youth and High School Lacrosse, youth baseball, and youth football. Our family will spend an exorbitant amount of time there. We donated so soccer, lacrosse, and baseball players don’t have to practice on gym floors when fields aren’t ready. We donated because we want the 6 am and 10 pm hockey practices to be a thing of the past which will immensely decrease our family stress due to unfinished late-night homework. We donated so soccer players don’t have to drive to the St John’s dome for turf. We donated so that high school football playoff practice in the late fall would become a reality. We donated because this facility will foster a community feel and welcome new families.

Youth sports have provided us with multiple extended families. Each of our boys has been adopted by other families, sometimes for an entire weekend at a time when work and other sports stretch us thin. They take care of our children and become the second, third, fourth, and/or fifth sets of parents. These families become our families. We could never thank them enough or pay them back for all they have done for us, nor would they accept repayment. So, maybe donating to this facility somewhat pays it forward?

We believe to continue to grow as a community we have to invest in our youth. The Scheels Complex is an invested improvement that will do this. It is more than just putting money into the athletic side of sports. It will prove invaluable for new and existing families. We are very proud of this facility and for the City of Sartell for standing behind it.


We’re Dave and Kristen Jacobs. Our kids are Devin (12), Kalyn (14) and Alivia (16). Dave’s business, Jacobs Financial, has been a sponsor of SYHA and Bernick’s Arena for several years, and I’m in my third year on the SYHA Board of Directors. We’re proud to support an association that provides kids (and familes) the opportunity to be a part of something that builds character, good sportsmanship, friendships and so much more.

We first became involved with Sartell Youth Hockey when our son Devin was six. Our neighbor urged us to get him on skates and to give hockey a try. Dave grew up playing soccer, and was initially a little hesitant to make the “hockey commitment”. I also played soccer, but grew up on skates, so was excited to be a hockey mom!

Most of the boys in Devin’s kindergarten class played hockey. Seeing those same kids on and off the ice helped him form fast and lasting friendships. Dave and I have also connected with so many hockey parents over the years and value the friendships we’ve made. Devin’s love for hockey keeps growing and he’s now a sixth grader and plays on the PeeWee AA team. He’s had amazing coaches over the years, who have taught him so much about being a good hockey player, teammate and person.

We’ve decided to pledge our support to the SCHEELS Athletic Complex because it means there will be more opportunities for the youth and families in Sartell. Not only for hockey, but also for other sports and activities that will benefit from having an indoor turf facility for eight months of the year. Dave coaches our daughter Kalyn’s soccer team and is looking forward to being able to train indoors on the turf in the new RDR Arena.

We know that the SCHEELS Athletic Complex will drive economic development in Sartell, with the ability to host events and tournaments. The new venue will add to the long list of what makes Sartell great, including our schools, businesses and culture.

Thanks for letting us share our “why” story. We hope you’ll consider being a part of something great and pledge your support to the SCHEELS Athletic Complex.

Kristen and Dave Jacobs


A gift to honor our father and grandfather, Roger Trobec

Our father and grandfather, Roger Trobec, was a staunch believer in education, both in and outside of the classroom. He always believed the field of competition, whether on the field or on the ice, is an opportunity not only to enjoy the sports we love, but a microcosm of life- to teach kids the values of team work, commitment, handling adversity, selflessness, and stewardship. To honor his legacy, we have gifted a donation in his name to the Scheels Athletic Complex. This memorial is not only an investment in our community, but, more importantly, an investment in our kids to provide expanded opportunities to teach them these aforementioned life values and instill lifelong memories that we can all cherish forever.

-Paul Trobec and Family


We are Curt and Sara DeVos.  Our kids Samuel (9), Julia (7) and Maxwell (5) are actively involved in youth baseball, hockey and soccer.  We are proud to donate to the Scheels Athletic Complex and view this financial commitment simply, as an investment in our community.  As parents, we knew we wanted our kids to experience the fun and excitement of sports like we did as kids, and still do as adults-just in a different capacity. The increased access and opportunity of multiple sports at this facility will impact so many youth athletes and that is what excites as parents of three active kids and members of the Sartell community. 

Curt grew up playing baseball in Southwest Minnesota, Sara grew up in St. Cloud playing soccer.  We were not hockey people until good friends invited us to a local rink while Max was still in diapers, Sam was a first year mite the next weekend.  The rest is history.  You will find all five of us at the rink on the weekends in the hockey season, and baseball and soccer fields in the spring, summer and fall.  We really enjoy chasing our kids to all of their activities, but we enjoy even more watching their individual character develop in addition to a true love of the game and sport in general.  We are also grateful for the friendships we and our children have developed since joining sports. 

Financially, this was a different type of philanthropic investment for us. It has always been important to us to support causes we believe in and we definitely believe in the value of the Scheels Athletic Complex in our community.  We know the impact will be significant and are proud to support it.  We hope this investment in our community supports character and athletic development in all youth athletes in the area and are so excited for the growth and continued development of Sartell as a truly exceptional community to raise our family.